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Hi there !

I am landscape architect and interior designer. I have completed Landscape Architecture at Cracow University of Technology as well as Interior Designing at Cracow Schools of Art and Fashion Design.

I am very interested  and absorbed by new trends in interior design, surronding areas; all forms of greenery and small architectures.

When designing, I put most of my attention to functionality, ergonomy and also to all kinds of suggestions proposed by the client. Meterial’s quality, attention to detail as well as safety of use are my top priorities as a profesisonal designer.


In term of designing greenery it includes:

  • Projects of the interiors and backyard gardens , terrace and roof’s gardens, winter gardens
  • Development of representative zones and green terrains around buildings (offices, hotels, restourants, hospitals, school, houses and also economic areas i private areas)
  • Development of zones with limited trafiic, used for pederastians, for example: promenades
  • Development of recreation areas, for example: campings, playgrounds for children.
  • Projects of parks, gardens exhibition, exposures and fair markets
  • Projects of a cemetery and statues
  • Restoration of a landscapes
  • Projects of the sports grounds and touristic objects

In term of interior design offer includes:

  • private interiors
  • commercial interiors

Full scope of project includes:

  • Consultation to determine the scope of work
  • two conceptions of functional layout
  • Arrangement proposition of walls colouring and organisation,  furniture conception, lighting, ceilings and finishing materails
  • visualizations
  • executive project
  • supervising

Visualization as well as any other phase of designing mentioned above can be requested seperately.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you and cooporate!